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Artintern is a far-reaching artistic organization that aims to promote and provide services to domestic and international contemporary art world. Building on specialized artistic networks to deliver essential services such as media exposure, artist promotion, exhibitions and investment sourcing, Artintern hopes to create an environment where artists, art admirers and investors can immerse themselves in the artistic world and enjoy the full and wide ranging benefits that contemporary art across the globe has to offer.

Taking a fresh, new angle, Artintern combines the resources of an experienced team with global art reporters and produces a professional service of cross medium, cross region, and cross-cultural networking. Our mission is to fuse the ideas of "art internationalized" and "international art." We serve the domestic and foreign contemporary art world to further concepts of equal artistic and democratic values.

The website began to run with the channels of blog, news, reviews, exhibitions, artists, videos, gallery, artgo (professional art search engine) and art wiki on June 1, 2008. Now the registered users broke 30,000 and daily hits have surpassed 60,000.

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